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What Are the Five Essential Stages of Web Design?
Posted: Wednesday, January 03rd, 2018 | Posted by: Apex Infotech | Views: 162
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The process of designing a website cannot be completed in a single phase but rather is divided into various stages. Adherence to these stages is the key to creating an optimal website design that is in accordance with the overall business objectives. Discussed below are the five essential stages that should form an integral part of the well-rounded design process for a professional web design company.

Research And Information

Carrying out ample research and gathering relevant information about the specific needs and expectations of clients from the design solution is the first and the most important stage of the design process. It generally comprises of carrying out extensive communication with the business owners as well as their employees. By the end of this stage, the design professionals from the website development company should be able to answer questions related to defining the purpose of the website, the objectives that it intends to meet and the attributes and features that need to be integrated into the design.

Planning And Flow

Once the relevant information has been gathered, the design professionals initiate the planning and flow of the website. This essentially means deciding on the layout and interaction strategy of the website to ensure the best results for the clients. Most design professionals also focus on designing the navigational structure and architectural setup of the site. The stage also focuses on determining the direction of information flow through the website to ensure an exceptional user experience for the visitors besides taking the various technologies that need to be integrated into the design into consideration.

Design Development

Design development is the stage where the professionals focus on deciding about the overall look and feel of the website. This stage is generally 100% customer-centric as the design professionals have to come up with the most innovative and appealing designs that impress the target audiences while also integrating the business objectives and needs. By the end of this stage, the web design service provider is expected to provide at least a basic framework of the design solution to the client for approval.

Website Development Stage

Once the design solution framework has been approved by the client, the next stage is the actual development of the website. In this stage, the design professionals start creating the individual web pages of the site in accordance with the approved framework. A professional design company makes it a point to keep the clients involved with the various aspects of the development stage. This will minimize the need for rework as the clients will be able to provide instant feedback about any changes to be integrated.

Delivery And Maintenance

The last and the final stage of web design process is the timely delivery of the design project. However, prior to handing over the design solution to the client, the design professionals carry out a quality check test to ensure the efficient performance and functionality of the site as per expectation. Once the project has been delivered, the design professionals are also responsible for carrying out regular maintenance of the design solutions as needed.

So above are the 5 important steps which one needs to follow at the time of designing a website. Even in the case you are hiring a professional company for this job you need to have an idea about the process. This will help you to keep a check on the work process of the expert whom you hired for this job. You can question him in case you are finding any mismatch in the process which is as per you, not the routine process. The expert will surely explain to you what he violated the traditional process and made some changes. This will help you in getting more knowledge which is always good.

If you are planning to hire one of the best and affordable web design and development company then ensure you check its experience and reputation in the industry. If you are confident that you can get the expected services from the company then go for a price comparison and then finalize the deal. Your website is going to represent your brand in the online world and so you need to be particular about its appearance and user-friendly qualities.

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