Photography Post Processing Workshop
Date: 26, February 2012 Time: 10:00 AM
End Date: 26, February 2012 Duration: 07 Hour(s)
Event Type: Workshop
Category: Art & Cultural
Venue/Location: Hotel Moti Mahal, Falnir Road, Mangalore
Host: Mangalore Photography Club
Contact: Rohit
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Mangalore Photography Club holds Workshop on

Mangalore Photography Club organized a one day Workshop on "PHOTOGRAPHY POST PROCESSING", at Hotel Mothi Mahal on Sunday the 26th Feb 2012. As many as 45 photography enthusiasts attended the workshop. The participants included both advanced amateurs as well as professional photographers.

The workshop dealt with the POST PROCESSING of digital photographs. Once a photograph is shot it needs a lot of treatment said Dr. Krishnamohan Prabhu, who was the main resource person for the day. Dr. Prabhu is a Moodabidri based surgeon and a highly advanced hobby photographer. He guided the participants in processing digital photos using softwares.

The participants had to get their laptop computers along with some digital images which had to be processed. The participants were using the TRIAL version of the software called Adobe Lightroom. Through the course of the day Dr. Krishnamohan Prabhu conducted a hands-on training sessions on all aspects of Photo Processing which included storing, sorting into catalogues, adjusting the attributes of images, and a host of other intricate processing methods.

Participants learnt to download, organize, manage, develop, and present digital photographs using their own laptops. Led by Lightroom experts, this workshop ensured a smooth transition to the digital photography work flow.

Rohit S. Rao and Dijaraj Nair assisted Dr. Krishnamohan Prabhu in conducting this workshop. The workshop was well received by the participants.

For details call: Rohit S. Rao – 98450 71770


Mangalore Photography Club is proud to announce full day The Photography Post Processing Workshop on 26th February 2012, Sunday from 10AM - 5PM at Hotel Moti Mahal, Falnir Road, Mangalore 575001. The workshop is advanced programme useful for both amateurs and professionals alike as it will familiarize the participants with the effective use of technical softwares like Adobe Lightroom. Dr. Krishna Mohan is the resource person for the workshop.

Registration fee for the workshop is Rs. 1300/- (inclusive of lunch & refreshments) with special group discount for registration of over 5 persons. There is also a special fee for students (Rs. 1100/-) As there are only limited seats available, those interested are requested to register at the earliest. For further details contact: Krishi (9880744258), Rohit (9845071770) or Dijiraj (9845285808) or email:

Registration is accepted at: Mangalore Photography Club,
C/o Crystal Electronics & Appliances, (Opp. Maple showroom),
Kumudavathi Building, Ground floor, Balmatta,
Mangalore 575001 Phone: 0824 4251525.

Outstation candidates may register by phone or email and pay at the venue.

Adobe Lightroom:
Adobe Lightroom is the essential post processing software of choice for digital photographers. This unique hands-on intensive workshop is focused on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Participants will learn to download, organize, manage, develop, and present digital photographs using their own laptops. Led by Lightroom experts, this workshop ensures a smooth transition to the digital photography workflow.

Topics include choosing appropriate file formats for image capture, efficiently downloading images from camera or hard drive, sorting, rating, editing, global tone and color correction, critical local corrections, input and output sharpening, presenting slideshows, and printing photographic images using Adobe Lightroom from start to finish. The workshop emphasizes using Adobe Lightroom to its fullest potential by generating time-saving techniques.

Once images are organized and processed we look at ways to integrate Adobe Photoshop or Elements for further image processing if desired along with expert recommendations and strategies for making clear decisions based on how Lightroom benefits each participant’s personal approach and digital photography workflow needs.

Participants may bring their laptop to gain practical experience of Adobe Lightroom and walk away with a new perspective and straight forward grasp of Adobe Lightroom, as well as time-saving tips, enabling one to spend less time in front of a computer and more time behind the camera.
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